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On this page we publish frequently asked questions to our employees at the Cologne, Berlin and Munich locations. Of course, we will be happy to answer all your questions about your property personally. Please contact us!

Is an exemption from the obligation to pay the housekeeping fee possible if, for example, the apartment is not currently rented?

An exemption or reduction from the obligation to pay the housekeeping fee is not possible. The calculation of the amount of the housekeeping fee is done by creating a general and individual economic plan. The decision on the economic plan binds the owners until the decision on a new economic plan.

When is the invoice due?

Only when the owners’ meeting passes a resolution on the annual statement of accounts will the credit balances and the additional payments become due and subsequently paid out or requested.

What is the billing peak?

The settlement peak of the annual account is calculated from the costs of the settlement year, which are compared to the house money target advance payments.

What is a collection of resolutions?

The collection of resolutions is the collection of all resolutions of a community. It can be kept in paper or electronic form. Even a loose-leaf collection is possible. In any case, it is important to note that no sheets may be removed and that it is possible to check for completeness at any time using the consecutive numbering of the resolutions.

What is a declaration of division?

The declaration of division is the unilateral declaration of the land owner to the land registry office, by which the sole ownership of a property (with building or planned building) is divided into co-ownership shares, in each case combined with special ownership of an apartment (condominium ownership) or rooms not used for residential purposes (partial ownership). The declaration of division is almost always supplemented by a community order: here the rights and obligations of the owners to each other can be regulated, but also voting rights in the owners’ meeting, apportionment key for costs and burdens, etc. In some cases this is done in deviation from the provisions of the German Condominium Act.

Which costs from the annual statement can I allocate to the tenant?

The rental agreement states which service charges are apportionable. The annual statement of account we prepare is divided into apportionable and non-apportionable operating costs, so that you have an indication of which costs can be apportioned to tenants.

Who bears the peak billing costs when there is a change of ownership?

Basically, the person who is the owner of the apartment at the time of the due date must bear the peak of the settlement (BGH of 30.11.1995 / Az. IV ZB 16/95). Consequently, the buyer is entitled to the credit balance from the previous accounting period, but at the same time he is also responsible for shortfalls.

How is the house money composed?

The amount of the house money is determined in the economic plan, which has to be decided by the community. The amount is then usually valid until a new economic plan is adopted.

Is the share of the maintenance reserve paid out when the apartment is sold?

The calculated share of the maintenance reserve is generally not paid out to the retiring owner when the apartment is sold. The maintenance reserve is an association asset.

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