Your Janitor Service for a perfectly maintained object

The janitor service is your carefree package for the perfect care of your property. Our trained employees ensure a tidy, clean overall impression and take care of all common areas.

  • Careful, reliable, thorough and fast
  • No service by the book but careful work
  • Telephone contact for questions and suggestions
  • Strong sense of responsibility, independent working style and understanding of your needs

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Always in best condition

We relieve owners in the management of their property. On request, we are on site every day and can solve many technical problems, for example with the building services. We take care of all tasks such as garden maintenance, cleaning of common areas and underground garages, winter and garbage can service and also small repairs. The active support increases satisfaction and ensures the value of your property is maintained.

We fight for you against

  • dirty dumps
  • unkempt front gardens
  • dirty underground garages
  • badly closing doors and defective lighting
  • Emergencies 24/7
  • Damage to the object and much more


Our services at a glance

Personal care for your property

The janitor service of PANDION SERVICE consists of different components. You can take advantage of all services, but you do not have to.

Property cleaning

Overall impression

Remove paper and other debris from surfaces


Sweeping of the house entrances, paths and the underground car park access

Paper and waste baskets

Empty litter baskets in outdoor and garden areas

Garbage dumps

Sweeping dumps

Drain channels and gullies

Clean drainage channels and gullies

Weed removal

Remove weeds from entrances, paths, driveways and yard areas

Underground car park

Exhaust air system and garage door

Checking the exhaust air system and the garage door

Elevator functions

Functional testing of the elevators (floor doors, smooth running, lighting)


Sweeping the underground car park

Light sources

Check and replace illuminant

Winter road maintenance

Avoidance of slipperiness

Spreading of traffic areas to prevent snow and ice

Snow removal

Snow clearance on the paved areas of the house entrances, underground car park access, yard areas / paths

Removing the grit

Removing the grit at the end of the season

Heating system

Circulation and loading pump

Check circulation and charging pump for heating for tightness and smooth running

Service water circulation pump

Check circulation and charging pump for heating for tightness and smooth running

Hot water tank temperature

Check and record the temperature of the hot water tanks

Softening plant

Check softening plant and add salt

Garden care

Mow the lawn

lawn mowing in season, removal of garden waste

Cutting hedges

Cutting hedges in common property

Remove leaves and weeds

Remove leaves from the garden in late autumn, clear plantations of weeds, hoe up and prepare beds

Weed removal

Remove leaves from the garden in late autumn

Playground facilities

Remove leaves from the garden in late autumn. Check the playground equipment.

Dustbin service

Provision of waste containers

Provision of waste containers according to the waste planner of the municipality

Retracting the waste containers

After emptying, return the waste containers to the designated rooms

Cleaning of the garbage rooms

Weekly cleaning of the waste rooms

Disposal of bulky waste

Disposal of bulky waste at separate charge

Building services

Electrical equipment

Inspection of electrical equipment such as switches, bell systems, lighting and fuses

Piping Systems

Visual inspection of piping systems as well as sprinkler and fire fighting systems

Inspection of mechanical equipment

Inspection and adjustment of mechanical devices such as automatic door closers, cylinders, spring hinges and locks


Functional test of the elevators (floor doors, smooth running, lighting).

Counter readings

Reporting the counter readings in the common area

Light sources

Check and replace illuminant

Emergency service

24 hours, 7 days

The emergency service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week by telephone

Janitor service costs

Top performance. Fair pricing.

Price example of a current object


50670 Cologne



Commercial units




Commissioned services: Complete janitor service from one source with the following activities among others: Control of the technology in the houses and in the underground car park, provision of waste containers, 24/7 emergency service, garden and outdoor facilities maintenance, winter service.

Costs: monthly basic remuneration € 1.365,- plus VAT

Our janitors in action for you

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Professional janitor service from PANDION SERVICE

A perfect condition is the figurehead of every property. For this reason, many condominium owners’ associations order a professional janitor service (HMS) in addition to the WEG administration. This service reliably takes care of the property and takes over a wide range of facility management tasks.

What work does the janitor service include?

  • General object cleaning
  • Winter service and snow removal
  • Maintenance of the heating system
  • Cleaning and maintenance of underground garages
  • Garden maintenance on plots of land in the shared apartment
  • Waste garbage can service
  • Inspection of building services
  • and much more

The goal of a janitor service is not only the optical maintenance of the commercial and residential complex. In the long run, a professional janitorial service can also increase the market value of your property. Ideally, a combination of typical tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and garden care, together with the assumption of comprehensive administrative tasks and services, is ideal. Through efficient communication between all parties involved and cost-effective management, the janitor service is directly involved in maintaining and increasing the value of your property.

Janitor service and property management from one source

In order to offer you the best possible service, we would like to recommend our janitor service at our locations in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Because our employees and janitors take care of your residential and business units as if they were their own.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the janitor service

What does a janitor service cost?

The question about the amount of the costs for the object care cannot be answered overall, since the expenditure of work depends on the activities to be accomplished. Together with the owner, we visit the housing estate in advance to get to know the property and then make you an attractive offer. The offer is of course free of charge and without obligation.

Why should I choose you as my janitor service?

We put ourselves in your position and try to provide our janitor service from your perspective. Proactive action distinguishes us. E.g. dirty garbage rooms, defective lamps in the staircase, inconsistent bell or mailbox signs or simply garbage in the outdoor facilities are very annoying and rightly often lead to dissatisfaction among the residents. Our employees go through the facility with open eyes and proactively recognize these things and immediately take care of their removal, so that everything is beautiful again, just like on the first day.

What qualifications do your employees have?

Our employees all have a craftsman's training and many years of experience. Our janitors, for example, have completed training as carpenters, building cleaners or gardeners. In addition, our employees receive continuous further training, especially in traffic safety issues, so that sources of danger in the objects we look after are noticed more quickly in the interest and for the safety of the residents.

What work does a janitor do?

We are happy to take on the following work for you, which we can also adapt to your individual needs: Winter road clearance and snow removal, cleaning of underground garages, garden and outdoor facilities maintenance, garbage can service, checking of building services, 24/7 emergency service, work in the apartment, house cleaning via our cooperation partners.

I am a landlord. Are the costs for a janitor apportionable?

Yes, for the most part you can pass on the costs to your tenants in the course of billing. There are a few items such as administrative services, emergency services or repair work that are not apportionable. Of course, we will make the identification for you in the invoice, so that you have all the necessary information immediately.

Do you have a business liability insurance?

We have a business liability insurance with 6.000.000 € lump sum for personal injury and/or property damage and 250.000,00 € for financial loss.

Do you work with your own employees or with subcontractors?

We only use our own employees in our managed properties. This is the only way we can guarantee that the personnel employed have the necessary qualifications and that the services commissioned are carried out professionally in the interests of our customers.

What is the accessibility of the janitor service?

Accessibility is very important so that special events can be reacted quickly. Our janitors are all equipped with cell phones so that they can be reached at all times.

Can the costs for a janitor be tax deductible?

Yes, you can deduct them for tax purposes. These are so-called household-related services. You are allowed to deduct 20% of the amount, which is capped at 4.000 € per year. Material costs may not be set, but only pure labor costs and consumables. In our invoices we will of course show the amount for you.

Does the janitor also do work in the apartment?

In our ever faster spinning world, it is the small aids that make our daily life easier. So that you can enjoy more of your free time, we take over the tasks for which no Sunday should be sacrificed. Transport, care, craftsman, repair, cleaning, assembly and gardening services are also available for work in your home, exclusively in the extended service offer.

Do you also offer an emergency service?

Our janitor service is available 365 days a year. Outside of our business hours, our telephone is manned for emergencies and an action plan is stored so that we can be on site quickly and arrange for further measures to be taken.