Rental and sale of condominiums

When renting and selling your condominium, the same principles apply as on the stock exchange: Only with clear calculation and without private emotions will you achieve the best results. Therefore the marketing of your property to tenants or buyers should always be done by a professional. With the comprehensive range of services offered by PANDION SERVICE, we are happy to take on all tasks – from the valuation to the handover of your condominium. Due to our activity as WEG-Administrator or Special property managers, we already have the necessary data base to be able to start with the mediation without delay. We offer services around the rental and sale of your condominium in Cologne/DüsseldorfBerlin and Munich – directly on site.

Vermietung und Verkauf Eigentumswohnung

Rental and sale

Advantage through knowledge

Due to our activity as administrators we already have all the necessary data and information to immediately start marketing your property. In addition, we can also make use of image material developed by professional architectural photographers, as we have the necessary rights of use. At the same time you gain valuable time and save yourself the search for relevant documents.

in the head office

in the branch office

in the branch office

Current rental and purchase offers

Our rental and sales services in detail

Special advantages

Offmarket brokerage with absolute discretion

  • All-round service from the development of a marketing strategy to the handover
  • All necessary documents and information are already available
  • Immediate start of marketing activities
  • Access to PANDION’s exclusive circle of buyers and interested parties and to the respective lists of interested parties
  • Discreet mediation of your real estate, without further intermediate brokers
  • Directly to existing PANDION customers

Renting your condominium

Consulting and strategy as well as preparation for leasing

Joint development of a letting strategy

Sift through data, compile information and documents, create or request professional image material

Rental price calculation

Determined on the basis of the highest rent attainable in the respective property

Creation of letting instruments

Preparation of appealing and lease-effective exposés, photos, floor plans, city maps, location descriptions, etc.

Ad placement and tenant search

Creation of letting advertisements in common portals and tenant search


Implementation of individual inspections by trained real estate agents

Visits possible even before completion

Credit assessment, draft decision and conclusion of contract

Credit assessment of prospective tenants, decision paper, acceptance of rental collateral and conclusion of contracts with the selected tenants

Acceptance and delivery

Takeover or handover of the apartment recorded by real estate agents

Sale of your condominium

Consulting and strategy and preparation for sale

Joint development of a sales strategy

Sift through data, compile information and documents, create or request professional image material


Sift through data, compile information and documents, create or request professional image material

Creation of sales documents

Preparation of appealing and sales-effective exposés, photos, floor plans, city maps, location descriptions as well as compilation and preparation of the documents required by the notary

Offmarket offer, if necessary advertisement placement and buyer search

Offer in PANDION’s exclusive circle of buyers and interested parties, if required, creation of sales advertisements in common portals and buyer search


Execution of the single inspections by real estate buyers or real estate specialists, extensive and competent consultation of the serious prospective buyers, since us all details are well-known to the dwellings and the owner community

Credit check, if necessary financing mediation

Credit assessment with proof of equity capital or financing commitment, if required support with buyer financing in cooperation with banks where the respective property is already valued

Notarial authentication

Upon request, recommendation of a suitable notary and preparation of the notarization

Acceptance and delivery

Takeover or handover of the apartment recorded by real estate agents


PANDION Service Portal

Simple and convenient for owners and tenants

PANDION SERVICE complements personal contact with an additional digital instrument. The service portal is free of charge for customers and offers transparent real-time information and a document collection.

  • Information and dates for the owners’ meeting
  • forthcoming renovations
  • Error messages
  • Professional storage and access to documents
  • Accounting, business plans and contracts
  • Contact the property manager
  • Collection of forms
  • Share online with neighbors
Vermietung und Verkauf

Information material

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Contact persons and contacts for rental and sales

Our team will be happy to provide you with qualified information on renting and selling and answer your questions about the PANDION service world. You can contact us right now and here.

You are in good company

More than 4,000 customers already take advantage of the exclusive services from the PANDION service world.

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    Rent and sale of condominiums through PANDION SERVICE

    Homeowners who have little or no experience in the real estate industry face a medium-sized challenge when they want to rent or sell their condominium. All bureaucratic hurdles have to be overcome, from the credit assessment of potential buyers and tenants to the notarization and purchase procedure.

    Our staff at PANDION SERVICE will be happy to take on all tasks related to the letting and sale of your condominium. Thanks to many years of experience in the respective markets of the real estate industry, we are your experts when it comes to your property.

    3 Tips for the sale of apartments

    1. Plan enough time for the sale of the condominium. If you have enough time, you will achieve an optimal sales price. Under time pressure a good result can rarely be achieved.
    2. When selling your property, be sure to consider the common property. With the apartment you sell not only your special property, but also shares in the common property. It is important that the broker commissioned is informed about the financial resources and organization of the condominium owners’ association, such as the amount of the maintenance reserve. Potential buyers should find an intact house community.
    3. Take a close look at your target group and decide, for example, whether your condominium is more suitable for capital investors or single occupants. While prospective buyers, who would like to use the apartment for themselves (owner-occupiers), mainly want information regarding financing, owner-occupancy and exact condition, capital investors are more interested in information regarding the yield, monthly expenses or value increase potential.